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The Big Bang

This is the flagship program of NEWS9 which gives you all the local news of Bengaluru with a global outlook. From mainstream news to civic issues, from offbeat trends to college fests and page 3 sensations to fashion beats, it’s all happening in the Big Bang at 10 PM. This show has something which caters to the needs of all age groups- the young and restless to the avid news reader and armchair activist. Packaged into small capsules, this show gives a quick roundup of the mood of Bengaluru in 30 minutes.



Wanted is a 30-minute crime special loaded with heaps of suspense and drama. From murders, rape and robbery to assault, extortion and fraud- the complex stories are broken down by our team of experts and presented as gripping narratives. The thrilling investigative show provides different angles and perspectives into crimes of various degrees. From case to case, ‘Wanted’ goes beyond regular documenting of people who break laws. Our team provides fascinating insights and reveals devastating consequences of crimes which serves as an eye-opener for the society which makes it a must-watch.


Hot and Spicy

If you eat, sleep and breathe entertainment then ‘Hot & Spicy’ is your one-stop destination for all the latest movie buzz, red carpet news, celebrity gossip and pop culture. Catch the upcoming releases and reviews on Thursdays and People’s verdict on Friday flicks. Be it Sandalwood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood or Hollywood, we got it all. This show puts the spotlight on you and delivers your daily dose of infotainment.


News Non-Stop

As the name suggests News Non-Stop gives you the top 30 stories of the day packed with sound bites and visuals in less than 10 minutes. NNS makes it easy for the viewer to grasp the biggest stories in the shortest time.


Action Replay

Action Replay presents all the stats, info and inside news from the World of cricket. With expert analysis, neat and clean graphics this show has become a favourite among the youth. Our Sports team also has something for every sports buff. Based on different seasons of sports the calendar we present the latest news with in-depth graphical analysis guaranteed to make you a sports pundit in 30 minutes.