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North Karnataka Floods

During the North Karnataka floods in the year 2009, TV9 rushed to the rescue of the affected people. We began relief work on a war footing and sought help from the general public. From bedsheets to umbrellas, we received copious amounts of relief material. TV9 has given these flood victims a beautiful village with 125 houses. From a village battered by floods, Gudisagara has now turned into an ideal village with all the facilities.

Reconstructing a village was no joke. In 2009, Gudisagara was shattered just like the hope of its people. Many a hurdle came our way when we wanted to turn things to normal. But a promise had to be met with, hope had to be restored and our vision was strong. Gudisagara is a village with black soil and construction here was a challenge.

This is when a Malaysian technology was used for the construction of houses. The foundations for the houses were laid using this special technology. It kept pouring but the construction work did not stop. 350 tippers of sand, 60 tippers of stones, 6 thousand bags of cement and hundreds of tonnes of steel was used to construct a brand new Gudisagara with 125 houses for the flood victims.

Apart from the 125 houses, TV9 also donated 71 houses to flood victims in Vijayapura. They were built in Hadaginala village with the help of the money donated generously by our viewers.

TV9 Campaign to help endosulphan victims

It was the 1980s and the 1990s. With a view of getting a high yield, the Cashew Development Corporation got the chemical Endosulphan sprayed aerially. But the effect of the chemical was so bad that the people, especially the ones residing in Kukkada Patrame (Karnataka) contracted cancer and other deadly diseases.

Way back in 2012, TV9 started a campaign titled ‘Jeevana Chakra’. We identified around 150 villages which had suffered enormously and through our campaign, we created awareness about their plight.

The impact of the campaign was so profound that people from across the globe came forward to help out the victims. TV9 opened an account specifically for this purpose called TV9 Endosulphan Victims Welfare Fund to aid people. In all, we received a total of Rs.1,23,73,000 as donations. A total of Rs.16 lakh had accrued as interest. And with these financial contributions, TV9 held talks with various health ministers like Arvind Limbavali, UT Khader and Ramesh Kumar. Later, the government expressed its willingness to have a tie-up with Sannidhya Foundation, an NGO that has created a name for itself in the field of helping specially-abled kids acquire specific skills for life sustenance. Furthermore, Sannidhya Foundation also expressed its willingness to help out the affected kids if government was willing to provide a sustainable infrastructure. Based on this, TV9 and Sannidhya Foundation signed an MoU with the Government of Karnataka on September 13, 2017. As per the MoU, the Health Ministry agreed to renovate one of its buildings at Ujire in Belthangady and hand it over. Incidentally, TV9 even handed over a cheque of Rs 50 lakh for this purpose. After the renovation, TV9 further gave another cheque of Rs 11 lakh for the construction of Dining Hall, False Ceiling and hand railings to KFD Hospital at Ujire which has a Day Care center for Endosulphan patients.

Kodagu Floods

The rains that lashed Kodagu in the month of August 2018 literally ravaged lives. Houses were reduced to rubble, roads were damaged and people were thrown to the streets. In spite of such horrible conditions, our correspondents braved the situation and telecast the pitiable conditions of the people from ground zero, risking their own lives.

And, as and when we telecast the news, and sought help for the struggling Kodavas, help poured in massively, with people rushing to our office, donating with their might. From biscuits to blankets, from sanitary napkins to towels and umbrellas, they contributed everything they could. Not just that, TV9 has even opened an account exclusively for flood relief activities. And even to this day, people are contributing with their might.