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Big News Big Debate

Anchored by Rajinikanth, renowned broadcast journalist and the Managing Editor of TV9, Big News Big Debate is the prime time discussion based show of the channel. Popular as TV9’s flagship debate show, it addresses all the aspects of the top story of the day and gives an analytical perspective from both sides of a coin.



Encounter with Murali Krishna

Encounter with Murali Krishna is an in-depth interview based show with hard-hitting questions mainly to politicians and some eminent personalities of the society. The show captures all aspects of the guest within their content.



iSmart News

iSmart News is a half hour daily political satire program which focuses on the top news stories of the day. Segments like Konda Babu, Narada and Sikkolu Seenu provide the viewer with rib-tickling comedy. The show is filled with fun-filled news and viral videos.



Tik Talk

Tik Talk is a daily show which recaps viral trending videos worldwide with a personalised humorous take.