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ABCL stands for a better society. Such an ideal resides in the depth of every heart but it becomes meaningful only if given forceful expression. We believe that by disseminating impartial, balanced and credible news in a creative and challenging format and by hosting a free and fearless conversation of ideas of all persuasions we help society in making informed choices. The citizen's interests are at the forefront of our concerns and we exist to articulate them. We shall carry out our watchdog function with alacrity and try to find solutions to the problems we unearth. In times of citizen distress, we believe it is the journalist’s duty to go the extra mile to facilitate relief and redressal.




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Ravi Prakash

Ravi Prakash

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, Ravi always dreamt of starting a news channel that would break all boundaries and go beyond the conservative mindset of the media at that time. As the CEO of ABCL, Ravi’s innovative vision and perseverance have led him to explore new frontiers in his career. Today ABCL is one of the fastest growing media companies in India.

Maintaining credibility often in the face of political and corporate pressure has meant making tough decisions. Ravi has proved his mettle as a media entrepreneur by converting ABCL into one of the strongest and influential media groups. The ABCL network has also crossed international boundaries through Dish network in USA and is now looking at Africa and Europe in its forthcoming expansion plans In India. Ravi wants to launch news channels in Delhi and Chennai in the near future. Today ABCL has gone beyond just news channels. For example in Africa, Ravi has launched cable infrastructure for Cable Television, Broadband Internet, Voice IP and with new technologies like MMDS and DVBT through Simba Television.

Clifford Pereira

Clifford Pereira


Clifford Pereira has been associated with the media business for more than two decades . He has rich experience in the area of sales and marketing. His expertise lies in his deep understanding of business strategies and marketing innovations.







As a finance professional, Murthy brings to ABCL rich acumen gained over 14 years in the entertainment and communications industry. In addition, he has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of cable and satellite distribution platforms. In the ABCL scheme of things, Murthy is the prime enabler, the man who prepares the templates for all staffers to work on. He has been the lead player in the company's aggressive expansion to new markets in Karnataka, Gujarat, Mumbai and its partnership forays into Kerala and Kolkata. He sets the timelines and ensures that ABCL achieves them

Badari Prasad

Badari Prasad

Technical Head

It is said - laconically, but very truly - that only Badari Prasad knows which cable goes where in the maze of ABCL's technical systems. A professional with 20 years of varied experience in the broadcast and professional video equipment industry and in film post-production, Prasad set up seven TV channels for media major ETV before joining ABCL, and proceeded to rig up operations for TV9 Karnataka and TV9 Ahmedabad. In a widely flung company like ABCL, ensuring compatibility between equipment systems and facilitating ease of use is a challenge. Prasad meets it every day and keeps ABCL ticking.

Board of Directors

  • Ravi Prakash
  • Clifford Pereira
  • M.K.V.N.Murthy

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