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Big News Big Debate

Anchored by Rajinikanth, renowned broadcast journalist and the Managing Editor of TV9, Big News Big Debate is the prime time discussion based show of the channel. Popular as TV9’s flagship debate show, it addresses all the aspects of the top story of the day and gives an analytical perspective from both sides of a coin.



Encounter with Murali Krishna

Encounter with Murali Krishna is an in-depth interview based show with hard-hitting questions mainly to politicians and some eminent personalities of the society. The show captures all aspects of the guest within their content.



iSmart News

iSmart News is a half hour daily political satire program which focuses on the top news stories of the day. The highlight of the show is “Sathi”, a popular comedian who behaves like an innocent clown with his unique take on issues. The rib-tickling comedy show is a package of fun-filled news and viral videos.





TV9’s Khabardar program deals with the unlawful activities in the society. This is a weekend show that unearths and exposes the irresponsible behaviour of the citizens as well as the policy makers in the civic and social spheres. A team of four dynamic anchors and reporters, the program is a bold step in the right direction for progressive change in the society by the channel.


Maa Vuri Manikyalu

Maa Vuri Manikyalu is a weekend program that showcases the talent of rural, unknown and creative people of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The show provides a platform and exposure to rural unsung artists and brings in a different viewing flavor for the TV9 audience.